Lonn Holiday

    Want to simplify your life?

    You're not going to do this, but..

    If you were serious in a perfect world, you would google "estate sale company <your city>", call the first number, give them a key to your house and a piece of paper with an address to mail the check to.

    Walk away. Don't even pack a toothbrush. Don't pack anything. Put on your favorite shirt and shoes and take a cab to the airport. Buy a ticket to the one place you have always wanted to go, check into a nice hotel when you get there and celebrate with a new toothbrush from the little shop in the lobby

    You won't miss a fucking thing

    But you won't do this. No one will.

    So let's take a step by step approach that you will do. The steps to get you to exactly the same place the previous strategy would get you. Free. Where you always dreamed of being

    Step one. Make a plan to ignore everyone you love that is going to tell you you're crazy

    Step two. Get a magic box. You see, the second thing you need to do is prove you can do this. And a sure fire way to prove to yourself you can do this, is by doing something that is really easy but will produce results you can't ignore. We are going to do this with a magic box

    Walk around your home with your phone camera and make a video. Don't clean up first. Don't adjust the lighting or anything. Just pull out your phone right now, start recording and turn to the right. Stop recording when you get back here. Now file that video away somewhere you won't lose it

    We are going to come back and compare that video to your home in a couple months

    Now get a magic box. You can be as simple or elaborate about this as your personality requires. Make a special trip to the nice gift shop and buy a super cute shabby chic toy chest or just grab a grocery bag from under the sink. Whatever works for you. And put it near the front door.

    That's it. Now you have a magic box

    What's the point of this, you may ask. Just watch. In a few minutes or days you will have something in your hands and realize in a flash you really don't need the damn thing. Put it in the magic box. Now! Just put it in there and walk away. Do it again the next time you find yourself wondering where to put this thing you just picked up to make room for some other damn thing. Put them both in the magic box. Repeat

    When the box is full, take it out to your car. The next time your are out grocery shopping or whatever, swing by Goodwill and empty your magic box. Go ahead and go inside. Hell, buy something if you must. You earned it

    Do this again and again and after the fifth or tenth time, get out that video we made and play it back while you walk around your house

    And congratulate yourself prodigiously on your progress, for you will have absolute proof you can do this. Look what you have already done

    !.!.. ..... .. .ve already done!